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Implement check-in/check-out (start and end of day)

Some customers are requesting this feature, now open for discussion.

Thus far, LetsJobIt identifies drivers/engineers starting and end times by watching their mobility in the app, via GPS tracker. As we know, this is not always accurate and can be very subjective at times.

We now want the user to let us know when does he start and end his day, creating an additional screen (checkin screen). The app won't allow the user to do any activity in the app unless he starts the day first. 

Open for discussion:

- Should the user be able to select a time when he starts the day or should we always pick the current time?

- Similarly for the end of day

- Should we prevent users from performing any actions in the app before the day is opened or should we be more selective?

- Should this feature be generally implemented or subject to some kind of permission (in company defaults or as a per user permission, or both)?

- If the user forgets to checkout (end of day), what should LetsJobIt assume as end of day? (time of last visit closed that day? give the user the possibility to edit last day checkout and select the time?) 

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