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You'll notice a back stripe on the top. Here, LetsJobIt displays and version (left), information on attachments downloaded and the status of the connection.

1. Version: This is your app's current version number. When you're online, the app can sense it if there are new versions available and will download and install them for you automatically the next time you start your app. If this number is blinking, it means that a new version is available. If you want to update, simply exit the app and go back in.

2. Attachments: Attachments are photos or pdf files attached to your visits. Photos can be attached by taking a photo when on the visit and pdf files can be sent to the visit via API. You can have these attachments saved in your device's internal storage (when you need them available even when you are offline). When this symbol is red, it means some of the attachments on your visits are not available offline. In the example above, you would have 17 attachments in all your visits, but none (0) downloaded for offline use. If your attachment settings are enabled for notifications, you'll be alerted for attachments to download. To enable/disable it, go to Settings > Attachments and choose the desired behaviour. You will also see here the number of attachments you have dowloaded and will be able to delete them if necessary. When the symbol is green, then all of your attachments would have been downloaded (or you simple have no attachments).


3. Connection and data sync status: This symbol will let you know if you're online or offline and if your data is currently synchronising with our servers. Green and not blinking, means that you are online and data is fully synced. Green and blinking means that you are online and data is syncing. Orange (eventually blinking) means that the app detected an internet connection and is trying to connect to our servers. Red (eventually blinking) means that the app didn't detect an internet connection available you that you are currently offline.    

Side Filter

The top left-hand menu symbol will give you access to the app's main menu.

From here you can:

1. Access the settings screen.

2. Go to your Visits List.

3. See your Leads & Quotes.

4. Filter by driver

5. Filter by date

6. Filter by status

7. Filter by visit priority

8. Logout from the app

9. See how many visits (and jobs) are select by applying the driver, date, status or priority filter

10. See how many drivers or engineers are currently servicing a customer

The filters (4 through 7) affect the number/type of visits visible in the Visit List screen. 

All filters have an "All Values" entry ("All Dates", "All Priorities", ...).

The status filter has 4 possible values:

1. Opened - The visit is waiting to be serviced

2. In Progress - The visit is currently being serviced

3. Closed - The visit has been serviced and it's now closed

4. Postponed - The visit could not be serviced for some reason (customer not on site, access not allowed, etc). Postponed visits are also closed (meaning, they are no longer awaiting for service).

The priority filter refers to the visit priority (in a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being the highest priority and 10 the lowest).