It's now time to start servicing your visit. Click the job you want to service and hit the start servicing button. You'll see the job text turn red, signalling that you are servicing that job. Your back-office staff will also see it because Lets Job it it's a real time app. Once you hit the start servicing button, a time counter will start ticking; this clock can pause (if you hit the pause button) and it will end soon as you finish your job. In the example below, the driver or engineer is will:

1. Enter equipment details (you can enter the serial number either manually or via barcode reader):

2. Enter line-items (you can enter an item manually or via barcode reader. In the example below, the app tries to find an item matching the barcode just scanned):

3. Finally, fill in any custom fields you might have and the job observations. You can also close down the job (notice how the job text turns green. The colour codes for the job text are: black - opened; green - closed; orange - paused; red - servicing).

4. You can add more details at the visit level, like observations, photos, create a new job and enter payment (collect payment from your customer credit/debit card). This functions are accessible by clicking in the cog wheel at the top-right hand:

 Next up, learn to attach photos to your visit.